I’ve sometimes been accused of having my head in the clouds, and it’s fair to say I take the occasional flight into fairyland. Luckily, I’m far from the only one and there are others such as @CloudAppSoc and @Stormhour on Twitter who share my love of clouds.

I recently found a childhood school project detailing the proper names of clouds and will add it to the site to ensure the science of clouds is fairly represented but to me, there are more ways to categorise clouds than Cumulus et al.

Storytelling Clouds

Common on blue skies days though possible at other times, these are the type of clouds that inspired the lovely book Clouds That Look Like Things – and countless storytellers over the years.

Cotton Wool Clouds

These are made in giant’s crafting afternoons, with prizes awarded for the fluffiest, best defined and most tastefully lit.

Epic Painting Clouds

Created by giants who have bored of cotton wool clouds, these combine artisan cloud crafting with lighting prowess, 3-D skills or both.

Blaze of Glory Clouds

These clouds are really showing off.

Of course, there are just a few types of clouds. Look up and you’ll find more types for yourself.



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