Autumn Colours


Autumn is now here whether you go with the meteorological or astrological definition. However, the blue skies today had a distinctly summery feel.

The plants give away the true season though. They are now bursting with more fruit than ever before: it’s harvest time.

I’ve recently added crab apples, haws and a few very plump blackberries to my foraging stash. These will be turned into jam, and maybe a hedgerow wine.


The flowers are taking on distinctly autumnal tones too. Red, orange and yellow flowers seem to be in the majority. It’s as if nature adds extra sunshine to balance the shorter days.

Autumn leaves are starting to fall.


But there is still a lot more green than brown. Life is still emerging and thriving.

According to Chinese Wu Xing principles, the year is divided into five 72-day seasons, with ‘late summer’ falling between summer and Autumn, starting in late August, and comprising 18 days from each of the other seasons. ‘Late summer’ is connected with the earth, and is seen as a chance to prepare for darker times.

This makes a lot of sense to me as it feels like an ‘in between’ time right now, rather than a full move to autumn. I like the idea of preparing for the new season – and accepting that change is a natural part of life. But regardless of the season, get outside and enjoy connecting with nature.



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