Not So Grey Days

As autumn approaches, some people feel a dip in mood. Lower vitamin D levels, aches and pains or simply missing the sun can all have an effect. However, the shorter days can offer just as much joy as as sunnier times. If you’re feeling a little low*, nature can help give you a boost.

Get Outdoors

There are as many lovely things to see now as in the summer. As flowers go to seed, they can look even more beautiful.




Our youth-obsessed culture may focus on the bright flowers of summer, but the seed heads represent life to me – and the beginning of a new cycle.

And it’s not just the flowers that are lovely. The autumn leaves offer a great contrast with windfalls.


And the produce available to forage can be beautiful too.

Take advantage of the harvest. It’s hard to feel low when stirring a bright and bubbling pan of jam, and breathing in the mellow fruitfulness of autumn.

Get Cosy Indoors

If you’re stuck indoors (due to ill health or lack of appropriate clothing for the weather), autumn is a great time for crafting. There’s something extra-calming about crafting while the rain batters the windows – particularly with the addition of tea and crumpets and the radio.

Immersing yourself in creativity can be a great way to escape nagging thoughts – and feeling productive can help boost self esteem. Best of all, you can use materials you’ve found during nature excursions so it’s pretty much free to do.


Accept the Change


As the nights draw in, the world takes on a darker tone, but the colours are also richer – and there are still bright flashes of colour.

Staying connected with the seasons as they change helps me ease into my autumn body, with its aches and pains.

By accepting that it’s natural for the pace of life to change over the year, and there is a season for everything, it make it easier to appreciate the glints of sunshine.


*If you are worried about depression, rather than just feeling a little low, see your GP. There are also some great resources on the Blurt Foundation website.



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