Hungry Birds

It may be harder to step away from the warmth of indoors in this weather, but today’s brightness was too alluring to resist. I am glad I went out. The ducks were hungry.

Last year, there were times when the ducks barely registered my presence, but today’s  stale oat cakes were treated as the finest delicacy, and the ducks’ number soon grew.

When the crumbs hit the water, more ducks would gather (though less so when I scattered it on the canal bank, making me wonder whether it’s ripples on the water rather than duck communication that brings them flocking).

Either way, it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. On the way home, I topped up the bird feeder with peanuts so the ducks aren’t the only ones that are fed. If you want to help wildlife thrive, don’t forget to spend time feeding the birds.

2017-01-02 16.28.17.jpg


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