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Leftover Luxury

20170108_122843(0).jpgI try to reduce waste as much as possible. It saves money while helping the planet so seems to be a no-brainer. My Christmas satsumas had been lingering too long: unsurprising as I bought a bulk special offer. However, though lacking in flavour uncooked, sugar can make a world of difference. And so I decided to make satsuma marmalade.

2017-01-08 12.51.54.jpg

I went for a cheat’s version. I chopped 6 satsumas finely, skin and all (after washing) then added segments of another 6 satsumas (I prefer a sweeter, less peel filled marmalade). Then, it was just a case of boiling in water for an hour, adding sugar by eye (roughly equivalent amounts of sugar to orange) and boiling then simmering for another hour or so (enjoying a wonderful aroma, stirring regularly to avoid sticking) and decanting into sterilised jars. I could have added vanilla pods or honey but decided to keep things simple (though I still have some spiced orange vodka which would make a fun addition to marmalade, if possibly only for a weekend breakfast…).

Twelve satsumas made four small jams of marmalade – one for today’s breakfast and the rest to be added to the ‘gift larder’.


I’ve saved the extra peel, which will be shredded and added to toiletries: I’ll post recipes for these soon.

(While on the topic of marmalade, I’ve discovered that Black Mountain Roast espresso marmalade is now available. I hope to review it in the future, along with their espresso martini chocolate bar, as their coffee is wonderful.)

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