Duck Watching

2017-02-13 16.57.54.jpgNo matter how grey the day, feeding the ducks always makes me smile.

2017-02-13 16.59.17.jpg

2017-02-13 16.58.31.jpgI find it fascinating watching the interplay between the ducks: some greedy, some bold, some aggressive and some taking a step back until the other ducks have become less frenzied.

2017-02-13 16.48.10.jpg

2017-02-13 16.57.30.jpg

The ducks seem to have different personalities, and tiny stories play out with every scattering of bird seed.

2017-02-13 17.07.08.jpg

The moorhen seem to have less differentiated personalities as they all seem to run on fear (and away from the camera).

I thought swans had less marked personalities too, seeing them as universally aloof, until I saw one away from its brothers and sisters and it lost its haughty air and was happily hand-fed.

2017-01-03 21.25.53.jpg

Feeding the birds is a wonderful way to lose yourself in the moment and escape your stresses. And obviously, it makes the birds happy too.



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