Think of the Ducklings

At this time of year, it’s particularly good to get out for a walk along the canal as duckling season is here.

2017-03-23 12.50.35.jpg

So far, I’ve only spotted them from a distance but I’m determined to get closer as soon as I can. As the ducklings are proving elusive, here are some from last year.

While ducklings have so far eluded me, I have noticed an increase in litter. I’m guessing this is because the warmer weather has attracted more people to the canal banks. I’m also shocked that so many people think nothing of leaving their litter around to harm wildlife – or throwing it in the canal.

I plan on getting a net to retrieve the litter. I’vd also discovered the Canal and Rivers Trust has a litter picking scheme called the Towpath Taskforce. If you’d like to protect the ducklings – and other wildlife – get involved (or just pick up any litter you see and dispose of it on the nearest bin).


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