Natural Treasures

This is a great time of year to get outdoors and really appreciate the joys of nature. Try going on a natural treasure hunt, only returning home when you’ve spotted all the following.

A Dead Nettle

2017-03-30 18.33.37.jpg

A Bud

2017-03-30 18.35.26.jpg


2017-03-25 15.37.35Blossom

2017-03-30 18.35.49


2017-03-20 00.48.53


2017-03-30 18.15.23.jpg

A Pollinator

2017-03-30 18.47.33.jpg


2017-03-30 18.25.16.jpg

I’ve deliberately chosen common sights to make it a manageable challenge but feel free to swap anything that doesn’t grow near you. (NB: if you are a young naturalist, take an adult or agree how long you’ll be gone for).

Please do share your pictures with me on Twitter @groweatgift if you go on a treasure hunt.


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