Wild About Weeds

2017-05-05 18.30.47A few months ago, I discovered #wildflowerhour on Twitter: a great hashtag hour run by @BSBIbotany each Sunday from 8-9pm.

Since then, I’ve taken part most weeks, and have loved having somewhere to share my wildflower pictures and see other people’s. However, it’s also made me question why it is that we label some flowers weeds when they are no less beautiful than cultivated flowers.

Here are some wildflowers – aka weeds:

Here are some cultivated flowers.

While there’s no doubting the beauty of cultivated flowers, to me, there’s a delicacy to many wildflowers that is just as lovely. Just because wildflowers grow freely, don’t take them for granted. Notice the natural beauty around you and let wildflowers bring joy to your day.

2017-05-04 19.07.26.jpg



One thought on “Wild About Weeds

  1. Lovely post! I always try and remember wildflower hour, but I tend to forget it. My garden is full of “weeds” and that’s just the way I like it ❤

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