Nowadays, growing your own fruit and veg is more popular than ever before. Rising food costs and increased eco-awareness both have a part to play – but it’s not just about practicality. Gardening is relaxing, gives you access to exciting new ingredients and can even help counter many mental health issues. As an added bonus, it gives you a cheap and easy way to give unique presents to foodie friends for a fraction of the cost of a bottle of posh olive oil.

Grow, Eat, Gift aims to give you all you need to start gardening no matter how little space you have. If you’ve got a windowsill, you’ve got a garden – and it needn’t break the bank. Learn how to recycle everyday items to make practical pots, kitsch planters and even mini-greenhouses. I also share upcycling ideas and garden bargains, to help you get maximum reward from minimum expenditure.

Whether you’re after (near) instant gratification or prefer to take things a little more slowly, there are fruits and vegetables out there to suit your personality. Discover the plants that are eager to please, like being ignored or are at least a little forgiving if you neglect them for a few days.

And once you’ve grown your own produce, there are multiple ways to enjoy it. Create your own unique drinks from home-grown fruit (think rhubarb and ginger vodka rather than damson wine); make original planters for gourmet friends; enjoy sophisticated sauces and quirky condiments; or use the herbs you’ve grown to make cheap but decadent beauty products. Your garden offers almost unlimited opportunities – which will only increase if you make gifts for fellow gardeners that you can swap for a share of their produce.

No matter how rushed you are, there are easy ways to fit gardening into your life. Whether you’re a beginner or simply looking for a little creative inspiration, Grow, Eat, Gift is here to help you add something fresh to your life – and save you some cash at the same time.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Thom and I have designed a small, flat-pack, postable kit to grow microgreens quickly and easily on your window sill.

    I have been selling them at Borough Market for the last 3 months and they have been received very well by the general public; specifically those with an urge to grow tasty veg within an urban context, where space and time are commodities not many of us have.

    If this is something that could interest you, and you would like to talk further, then please let me know.

    Kind Regards,


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