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Cosy Away the Pain

I am not a sun worshipper. My Celtic skin balks at sunbathing (which bores me anyway: reading is much comfier curled up in a chair, and sunburn sucks). However, I do love getting slowly kissed by the sun’s rays as I work at festivals and events over the summer, until I look a little less […]

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Eco Friendly Festivities

The shops are already playing Christmas music, and adverts push us to buy lots of presents to have a happy time. However, taking a more eco friendly approach can save money as well as helping the planet. Make Decorations. There’s no need to buy plastic ornaments that will end up in landfill. Use holly and […]

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Frugal Friday: Save Money With Nature

If you’re short on money, nature provides many ways to make your budget go further. From food to craft materials, exercise to stress relief, getting outside has a host of benefits. Here are a few ways you can enjoy it. Watch Wildlife Find a place that’s easy to get to and make a habit of […]

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Celebrate Trees for National Tree Week

The Tree Council is encouraging people to celebrate National Tree Week from 25th November – 3rd December. Whether you plant a tree, go for a walk in the woods or celebrate trees in your community, take time to appreciate the trees around you. Find out about National Tree Week activities and events on the Tree Council […]

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Gifts From Nature

Nature can help bring joy to the holiday season. You can create gifts to make money go further – and supplement your larder and decorations.   Brightly coloured rosehip syrup is packed with vitamin C and great to drizzle into champagne cocktails. This was a blend of raw and cooked rosehip syrup. The raw rosehips […]

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Folklore Thursday: November Folklore

As the year darkens, the skies are filled with fireworks. However, bonfire night aside, there are plenty more myths and traditions linked to November. November 11th used to be a day of feasting for Martinmas, or St Martin’s Day. It marked the time when the wheat had all been planted and animals had been slaughtered. […]

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