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Grow your own cocktails #8: Basil me up

OK, so there are more pressing matters in the world than finding an alternative summer drink to gin and tonic or the ubiquitous Pimms and lemonade. However, it’s a wonderful frippery to entertain your mind with, and Bloom gin has come up with a worthy competitor, albeit one with a rather odd name that brings to […]

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Garden Loves #9: String Gardens

Last year was all about upside-down planters and micro-herbs. This year, the string garden seems to be taking prime place in the urban gardening chic stakes. This great guide to creating a string garden from the fabulous Designsponge, created by Aura Scaringi will help you create your own urban garden of paradise. The downside? It […]

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Garden loves #7: Plant chandelier

OK, it may be £80, but this gorgeous indoor hanging basket from Gardenbeet is so elegant that I can’t help but pining after it. Perfect if you’re looking for ways to add extra growing space to your abode. Just remember not to hang it over anything that might get damaged when you water it: a bathroom […]

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