Garden loves #9: Cloud outdoor lighting

I freely admit to being a bit of a dreamer. These gorgeous outdoor lights are a great excuse to have your head in the clouds. Sadly, the price tag means owning them will have to remain a fantasy but, as Captain Sensible sang, “You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how […]

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Folklore Thursday: Hip and Haw Lore

Hips and haws are plump, ripe and plentiful at the moment. However, too few people recognise them as edible (though the birds probably don’t mind this too much). Take a step back in time, however, and hips and haws were valued more highly. Many people will remember being given rosehip syrup as children (a smart […]

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Bright and Beautiful

Though autumn may be here, there are still many beautiful flowers, berries and fruits to enjoy. On cold nights, when the weather has conspired with my health to keep me indoors, I find the pictures brighten up my day and help keep me connected with the outside world.  

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Mellow Fruitfulness

As the nights grow darker, the hedgerows and trees become more fruitful.   The first season blackberries and elderberries of last month are being replaced by second fruitings of even plumper blackberries, along with apples, pears, haws and more. And that means the house is redolent with the scent of simmering fruit, spice and honey. […]

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How to make a recycled bike planter

While I’m not altogether convinced that a model is required in the above image, hats off to Dremel for a great bit of marketing. They’ve sent out a guide to making a planter out of an old bike, which is a great recycling idea and gives a kitsch feel to the garden without breaking the […]

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Light and Dark

Life is all about balance. At this time of year, there is as much light as darkness – and this is reflected in the flowers around us. Taking photos for #rainbowblooms this week, I was surprised at how much green  is still around. On the surface, it would seem that things are going to seed […]

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Folklore Thursday: Love Apples

I have enthused about tomatoes before. They are fun to grow, with magic tricks to be learned every year. This year’s lesson was pinching out. Before that, I learned about tickling tomatoes, hardening off and dealing with legginess. I even wrote about a garden-loving tomato as a child. However, I only managed to touch on tomato myth in my last […]

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