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Upcycle Your Life: Home and Wedding Celebrations

On August 25th, head to Fearon Hall, Loughborough for the sixth Upcycle Your Life. This month, Upcycle Your Life has a home and wedding theme, to help you enhance your home and have a bargain wedding (or other kind of love celebration). Learn how to make your own bouquets, corsages, handfasting ribbons and wedding favours. Discover recipes […]

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Upcycle Your Life

Upcycling is an easy way to save money. Swapping clothes can save a fortune when you want to update your wardrobe – as can upcycling clothes you already have. Making your own toiletries can reduce waste by cutting back on packaging. You can also save a fortune by using common store cupboard ingredients such as […]

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Waste Less, Grow More

As spring approaches, the garden starts to wake up. Bulbs are pushing their way through the soil, early daffodils are emerging to join the early crocus and late snowdrops, and sowing time is here for many crops. Gardening needn’t be costly, or take up lots of space. You can make a herb garden out of […]

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Eco Friendly Festivities

The shops are already playing Christmas music, and adverts push us to buy lots of presents to have a happy time. However, taking a more eco friendly approach can save money as well as helping the planet. Make Decorations. There’s no need to buy plastic ornaments that will end up in landfill. Use holly and […]

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Frugal Friday: Save Money With Nature

If you’re short on money, nature provides many ways to make your budget go further. From food to craft materials, exercise to stress relief, getting outside has a host of benefits. Here are a few ways you can enjoy it. Watch Wildlife Find a place that’s easy to get to and make a habit of […]

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Gifts From Nature

Nature can help bring joy to the holiday season. You can create gifts to make money go further – and supplement your larder and decorations. Brightly coloured rosehip syrup is packed with vitamin C and great to drizzle into champagne cocktails. This was a blend of raw and cooked rosehip syrup. The raw rosehips were […]

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Leftover Luxury

If you want to live a minimum waste life, it doesn’t mean you have to eat unappetising food. I’ve found the opposite. Using leftovers often results in the tastiest meals. You can also top up your store-cupboard with gourmet food by making the most of your leftovers. Here are a few ideas. Chutney A board […]

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