Frugal Friday: Budget Comfort

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20191120_164139.jpgThe colder the weather, the more I crave comfort. Staying warm, wrapping up and having lots of distractions make cold and painful days easier to bear. These are a few ways I create comfort on a budget.

Build a Nest

Seek comfort in a nest. Pillows galore, warm blankets and throws can make snuggling on the couch more blissful. Pile everything on the floor on top of a duvet and as many pillows as you can find, if your sofa isn’t comfy enough. Keep snacks and drinks to hand, along with jumpers, scarves and hats to wear if it gets chillier. Add hot water bottles to taste.


Create a Craft Basket

Many crafts can be done in bed/from your nest. Colouring, decoupage, jewellery-making, knitting, crochet and embroidery are just a few. A glue gun opens up huge scope. Pile everything in a basket for easy bedbound crafting. Big trays help lots – clean pizza boxes can be used as makeshift easily-tidied/stacked crafting trays.

Stock Up on Warming Supplies

Blankets, hats, scarves and wheat warmers can all help – and can be made relatively simply. Create a Cosy Kit. Fluffy socks are an essential.

Eat for the Weather


Soups and stews with chilli, ginger and other warming spices; slow-roast vegetables with buttery rice; fruit crumble with custard. All these foods comfort me on cold days.

Make what you can – a veg box can provide enough for loads of meals – and buy what you can’t. The smell of home-cooked soup or cake is lovely and it doesn’t need to take long to make. A stick blender helps.

Make Toiletries

Oats can make a multitude of toiletries and your storecupboard can provide face packs, cleansers, bath balls and more. It’s a lovely way to spend a grey afternoon.

Add aromatherapy oils to create posh toiletries that smell the way you want them too. Lavender and neroli are both lovely.

I recently made mulled wine soaps scented with cinnamon, citrus, mixed spice and frankincense and topped with satsuma peel and cinnamon sticks.  A little oil goes a long way so it needn’t be expensive.

Spa afternoons with home made toiletries  can make a cold day stuck indoors so much more enjoyable. Just add candles and music you love.


With a little creativity and effort, a grey day can become a little more cheerful.

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