Folklore Thursday: Autumn Lore

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As November progresses, Stir Up Sunday is almost here. The last Sunday of the month is time to make your Christmas cake. Every member of the family should stir it for luck. Add silver charms wrapped in foil: coins bring wealth to the lucky recipient. A thimble denotes luck and a ring, marriage.

Autumn is a great time for making the most of nature too. Conkers can be used to make detergent (it may irritate skin so use for cleaning rather than as a skin cleanser. It has a natural brightening quality so it’s ideal for washing white decorative items.).

Carrying a chestnut was believed to boost male fertility too. And sweet chestnuts can be roasted (after putting a hole in them to stop them exploding). Don’t eat conkers though – they’re toxic.


Collecting seasonal greenery can make your home feel fresh but leave ivy outdoors: it’s unlucky to bring it into the house.

As we head ever nearer to the winter solstice, and Christmas, connect with folklore to make the most of the festive season. Enjoy the new season by noticing the beauty in the changes.


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