Make: Origami Seed Packets

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If you have a garden, there’s a good chance you have seed pods at this time of year. Turn spare seeds into easy Christmas gifts by putting them in origami seed packets. It’s quick to do and all you need is a square of paper: great for using old magazines and waste paper.

First get your paper square.

Fold it in half to form a triangle, with the image you want on your seed packet at the back.


Fold one corner in to the opposite side (it takes a little guesswork but is easy when you get into the rhythm of making loads).


Fold the other corner in to form an envelope.


Fold the tip down.


Add seeds.


Decorate and label as appropriate. A tiny bit of glue will seal it, or use a blob of sealing wax. You can also use stickers if you have any to use up. Then give people seeds and share gardening love.

You can also write recipes or crafting guides on the inside of your pack (before folding) so it’s still useful when the seeds have been used.

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