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Cook’s containers #1: Lettuce hanging basket

Growing lettuce is one of the easiest things ever (as the lettuce rockery proves). This hanging basket is ideal if you have limited windowbox space. Simply fill a hanging basket with moisture control compost, scatter with lettuce (rocket, sorrel or whatever)  seeds, hang it outside your back or front door, water every day (or as often […]

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How to make a greenhouse for free

A greenhouse is a useful thing. It helps you harden off your tomatoes and other veg with ease; it allows you to grow things that you might otherwise not be able to in the UK climate; and it acts as a brilliant slug defence. However, greenhouses can also be expensive. Luckily, discovering ManMadeDIY on Twitter […]

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How to harden off plants (and tickle tomatoes)

  One of the joys of sunny days is that they call you out into the garden even when you’ve got proper grown-up things to do (which is why gardening and freelance writing work so well together, because you can garden by day and write stuff to pay the bills by night).  I decided to […]

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