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5 Ways to Have Fun for Free This Weekend

Late summer is a wonderful time to have fun for free. The weather is generally mild enough to explore outdoors in relative comfort, and nature has provided a glut of free food and crafting supplies. Try one of these this weekend. Go Blackberrying   Blackberrying is an easy gateway to ore advanced foraging. It’s easy […]

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Upcycle Your Life: Home and Wedding Celebrations

On August 25th, head to Fearon Hall, Loughborough for the sixth Upcycle Your Life. This month, Upcycle Your Life has a home and wedding theme, to help you enhance your home and have a bargain wedding (or other kind of love celebration). Learn how to make your own bouquets, corsages, handfasting ribbons and wedding favours. Discover recipes […]

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Afternoon Tea for All

It’s #AfternoonTeaWeek on Twitter so I’ve been bombarded with afternoon tea propaganda. I can’t afford to blow loads of money on afternoon tea but it does inspire me to get baking. If you have enough cash to cook, and an oven, you can make delicious afternoon tea for well under £10. It’s still a treat […]

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Ease into Autumn

It may seem early to mention the A word, particularly when glorious sun and blue skies are a recent memory, but the hedgerows are heralding the change of seasons. Rather than resisting, embrace nature’s bounty and it will make the slide towards darkness a lot less bleak. Make Cake Cake is an easy way to […]

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Every Sunday, I post flower photos in rainbow colours, starting at 11am with red and moving through the rainbow over the course of the next six hours I find it calming collecting rainbow flower photos. It can add focus to a nature walk, and help you notice the changing colours of the seasons.

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