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Upcycle Your Life: Autumn Preparations

Find out how to make the most of autumn, with seasonal produce, upcycling fun and nature crafting at Fearon Hall, Loughborough on Saturday 22nd September. Sample some of the delights you can find for free this autumn. Discover where you can get food for free locally, whether you’re an individual or a charitable group. If you can […]

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Stop Heritage Crafts Dying Out

The Heritage Crafts Association (HCA) has announced a six-month research project that will provide a major update and expansion of its ground-breaking Red List of Endangered Crafts, first published in 2016. Founded in 2009 by a small group of makers and those interested in craft, the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA) is the advocacy body for traditional […]

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Bees Are Good

My sunflower and lavender have proved alluring to pollinators galore. There are over 250 species of bee in the UK alone, and that’s before counting wasps, flies, and other less furry flying creatures. As such, I’m unlikely to see them all but a little time beewatching adds new bees to my ID list daily. Here […]

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Book Reviews: How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear

How to Help a Hedgehog and Protect a Polar Bear is a beautiful book (that I was sent for free in exchange for a fair review). As the name suggests, it’s aimed at people who want to make the world a better place. The book combines gorgeous pictures with practical nature-saving tips, world habitat guides […]

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Autumn Crafts: Apple Dolls

There’s no doubt autumn is here. The chill nights and damp days are brightened by hedgerows jewelled with hips and haws; the ducks are more grateful for bird seed; and the occasional rainbow brightens the days. The last of the blackberries and plums offer dark, comforting delights (though be warned: the devil spits on blackberries […]

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Zero Waste Week: 50 Ways to Go Zero Waste for Good

Going zero waste is a steep demand. No matter how hard you try, unavoidable waste is a product of our consumerist society. I can’t start the day without waste as I take medication that only comes in plastic and foil packaging. My disabilities and budget mean I sometimes have to rely on chopped vegetables from […]

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Zero Waste Week: Clean Up Your Act

Look under the sink in most homes and you’ll find a stash of cleaning products. Antiseptic sprays and floor cleaner; bleach and washing powder; furniture polish and window wipes. Cleaning is, ironically, responsible for messing up the planet in a big way. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Many classic cleaning methods are […]

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