Make an Autumn Nest

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While it’s great to get outdoors even when the weather is cold or rainy, sometimes the urge to stay indoors is too great. You might be trapped indoors by chronic pain. You might be tired. You might be overwhelmed by festive social demands. You might just not be in the mood to go out. Rather than feeling guilty about it, indulge yourself and make the most of an afternoon in by creating a nest.

The perfect nest can be sofa or bed based depending on your preference. Cushions and blankets or a duvet are an obvious essential. Turn it into a ‘fortress’ with a sheet over the top for increased intimacy. Add water bottles and wheat pillows to taste. It can be so much more than a cosy place to relax with a little effort.



Many crafts can be done on a tray in your nest. Making jewellery from beads and thread or a glue gun, brooch/ring backs and whatever scraps you have can be one option (old plastic toys can be repurposed as kitsch jewellery – as can Christmas decorations).

Friendship bracelets are also low-space crafts, that are easy to do in a nest, along with decoupage, drawing, painting, zentangles, crochet and knitting.

I tend to have two trays to hand – one for holding crafting materials and the other to use as a work surface. Pizza boxes can be used as easy-to-pack-away tray alternatives, as long as they’re clean.


If crafting doesn’t appeal, jigsaws are another option. You’ll need a board or tray but there’s no reason you can’t do a jigsaw in your nest. Just make sure the jigsaw isn’t bigger than your tray.


Card games can easily played in your nest, whether Solitaire (on a tray), Poker or even just Snap. There’s something cosy about playing cards while you’re wrapped up in a nest with someone.


Nests are made for catching up on reading. Work your way through your ‘to be read’ pile – or put on an audio book if that’s too much effort. If you’re into nature, try one of the #NatureBookClub recommendations.


Podcasts are another nest option. Here are a few of my favourites.


Nest food should be devoid of crumbs: think wraps rather than sandwiches, popcorn rather than crisps and sweets rather than biscuits. Avoid chocolate bars that shed (e.g., Flakes) to avoid disconcertingly stained sheets.

Microwave mug cakes are another option – teamed with ice cream straight from the tub. Fresh fruit or dried fruit and nuts are a healthier alternative. Soup in a mug can also be comforting. If you have a teapot, bring it out so you don’t have to get out of your nest to have a cuppa.

Turning an afternoon in into a treat makes it so much more relaxing. Indulge yourself with an autumn nest.


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  1. I hope your lovely post inspires lots of people to make their own nest. 😊 I love to make my nests at home or on holiday and like to wear my most comfortable pjs and have these things with me: Books, flask of hot/cold drink depending on the weather, craft project or two, fairy lights around, favourite blanket & comfort pillow, iPad (usually playing something soothing or comedy), various pens – if creative inspiration happens! – and my phone for when I feel like connecting to the world outside ☺️. Thanks for your podcast suggestions, I’m looking forward to trying them.

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