November Nature

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Though there are fewer flowers to see with every passing week, November has still got lots of natural beauty to enjoy.

As the trees lose their leaves, the beauty of their branches is revealed.


The sunsets are more dramatic with the addition of autumn clouds.


New birds arrive daily to replace those that fly south for the winter – though there are still ducks and swans around to feed.


There’s less to forage now but there are still plenty of crafting materials to be found. Stock up on pine cones to make a wreath, or collect pretty leaves to wax, press or dry.


Keep an eye out for the few flowers that are still in bloom. On Twitter, @Wildflower_Hour is encouraging people to find #TheWinterTen – ten different wildflowers in bloom each week. I managed to find a daisy still blooming this week, despite the chill in the air.





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