Frugal Friday: Save Money With Nature

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If you’re short on money, nature provides many ways to make your budget go further. From food to craft materials, exercise to stress relief, getting outside has a host of benefits. Here are a few ways you can enjoy it.

Watch Wildlife

Find a place that’s easy to get to and make a habit of visiting regularly so you can monitor the wildlife.


You could just enjoy watching the natural cycle play out or you could take part in a citizen science project and help track the state of nature.

2016-11-07 12.22.38.jpg

Even a bench in a park can offer you space to connect with wildlife. Whether it’s pigeons, seagulls, ducks or bugs, let yourself engage with the wildlife around you and enjoy the stories that unfold. Who needs a zoo when there’s nature all around you?


Create With Nature

Crafting can be expensive but nature provides all manner of materials for free: just add glue (& maybe a touch of biodegradable glitter). Feathers, leaves, pine cones, berries and acorns are just a few of the materials that you can use.

Why spend a fortune on plastic holly christmas decorations when the real thing is available for free? Better yet, making your own decorations from bio-degradable materials means they can be composted rather than ending up in landfill.

Add Luxury With Nature

Christmas can be expensive but foraged produce can help you top up your larder on a budget, and enjoy the season without breaking the bank.

Dried mushrooms, elderberry port, fruit leather, rosehip syrup and all manner of hedgerow jams can be used as gifts as well as saving money (buy sugar in bulk; dry things in batches and completely fill the oven;  and use recycled jars and bottles to keep costs as low as you can).

Relax With Nature

Mindfulness lessons are all very well but courses that aim to help you find inner peace are often expensive. The sky is free for all and staring at the clouds can be a wonderful way to lose yourself and ‘be’ rather than ‘think’ or ‘do’.

Getting outside can also boost vitamin D levels, help you stay toned (particularly if you forage – it can take a lot of stretching), and provide endless photography opportunities. Wrap up warm and take advantage of the things that are available for free.

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