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Gardening with Rob Ryan

This gorgeous Rob Ryan watering can may not be the cheapest one available, at £35, but it’s utterly gorgeous and large enough to ensure you don’t need excessive visits to the tap. The rose end means it’s as good for watering freshly-seeded grass as it is for watering your fruit and veg, as it’ll sprinkle over … Continue reading


Lego for grown ups

OK, it only counts as recycling if you happen to have kids that have outgrown their Lego (which may be tricky, given I’m not entirely sure *I’ve* outgrown it) but this planter from the Bob blog is adorably kitsch – and great inspiration. I’m now seriously considering making a Chanterney carrot windowbox with a Lego tractor ploughing it. A … Continue reading


Scaring cats in style

Velvet is one of my favourite shops for fun gardening accessories. These cute windmills are great for scaring away the cats and adding some glamour to your garden at the same time. And a bouquet of windmills makes a great alternative to a bunch of flowers for any gardening fans with birthdays coming up (though … Continue reading