Love a Duck

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The first creatures to entrance me when I moved near a canal were ducks: ducklings, to be precise. I moved in the spring and was soon hooked on watching them grow up: my own natural soap opera.


I now see them as my pets (without any ownership – they are still their own ducks. I just feed them & clear up any litter that might hurt them in exchange for collecting their feathers for crafting, and taking photographs).


I have learned lots, watching the ducks.

1 Ducklings are fast and fearless. As they get older, they become slower, steadier and more cautious.


2 A small duck can make a big splash.


3 When they are small, ducklings team up, which makes them appear bigger, and (I suspect) less vulnerable to attack.


4 Even ducks pause before jumping in.


5 Ducks make ripples that affect other ducks – and small ducks can get swept into other’s riptides.


6 Duck families come in all shapes and sizes.


7 Ducklings can come as a surprise. These ones were born in August.


8 It is easier to get all your ducks in a row than bad office metaphor suggests.

Duck watching is excellent fun. Just remember to take them seeds (not bread) to eat, and head to your nearest pond or canal for a wonderful afternoon.


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