Walking With Alpacas

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20160826_143138-1.jpgI am not sure why I first decided I wanted to walk with alpacas. I think the desire to learn more about camelids may have started when I saw a llama standing next to a sign warning about ducks crossing in Wittering. I later saw a place offering the chance to walk alpacas in the Isle of Wight that was sadly too much for our schedule. When my partner asked me earlier this week if I wanted to walk alpacas with him on Friday, I couldn’t resist.

We were planning to share an alpaca but apparently, health and safety wouldn’t allow it, so we booked an hour and a half with two alpacas at Charnwood Alpacas for £35 apiece. We justified it as the price of a posh dinner, figuring it would take as long as a meal, and be an adventure.


It was the start of a new love. After a brief and informative talk, learning that alpaca hooves are like dog’s feet with big toenails, baby alpaca are called Cria, and a host of alpaca facts, we were led to our alpacas.


I won’t detail the experience other than to say it involved walking alpacas around a field, was suitable for all ages and people who can only walk on the flat, and that it is well worth spending an extra 50p on food.

However, I will let the pictures show the alpacas in their full glory.

They have clearly defined personalities, are friendly and are super soft to stroke. And the babies take cute to a whole new level.





I now need half an acre of land as apparently, that will support three alpacas (at £500 apiece, I also need to start saving). Alpacas are a new love. If you get a chance to walk an alpaca, do it. You won’t regret it.



  1. This looks amazing! I would love to walk an Alpaca, I’m adding it to my “to experience” list. Thank you for sharing.

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