Stay Wild This Autumn

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I’ve been indoors more than I’d like recently for health reasons but that makes me appreciate getting outside even more. It may be cold but wrap up warm and you can enjoy nature just as much in autumn as you can in summer. There are plenty of things to do.

Enjoy the Leaves


Kicking through the leaves, enjoying the crunching sound and smell of autumn, is one of the joys of the season.

Collecting leaves for crafting is also fun. Leaf rubbing, garland making and even making pot pourri with fresh pine cones, orange peel and spices are all good ways to bring the outdoors indoors. The colours are as magical as summer’s flowers.

Take a Closer Look

There are still lovely things to be seen if you look closely. pay attention and take photographs. The light is less forgiving now so taking lots of pictures is the easiest way to capture something magical.


Whatever you are, there are birds to watch. From seagulls to robins, pigeons to rarer breeds, watching the birds is relaxing – and at this time of year there may be exotic visitors too.



There are still plenty of things to be foraged. I am hoping to get some sloes for sloe gin soon (now we’ve had the first frost – though I freeze them anyway). Damsons are still around, as are rosehips. The blackberries may have gone but the nuts are coming into season. And there are still plenty of apples around.


Find the Rainbow

It may take more of an effort to find a rainbow of colour in autumn than summer but if you keep a close watch, there’s more colour than you might think.



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