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A walk in nature is wonderful in its own right. However, if you have kids to entertain, or a busy mind that refuses to let go of work stresses, you may need something extra to focus attention on. Try these to make your next nature walk even more engaging.

Count the Colours

How many different colours can you spot while you’re outdoors? From the blue of the sky to the green of the grass, with flowers adding colours galore, you’ll be surprised by how much colour you can find, even on a grey day.

This can be a fun game to involve small children with, but can also make a great way to focus your attention: can you find a rainbow?


Try Tree Identification


How many trees can you name? Do you know the trees that are most common in your area – and the wildlife they support? Brush up on your tree ID and see how many you can spot on your next walk. The Woodland Trust has an app if you need a little help.

Take a Closer Look


Even the most mundane plant or insect can be beautiful close up. Get closer to flora and fauna to see things from a whole new perspective.

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