Tales of the Trees

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2017-02-01 12.45.16.jpgI’ve always loved trees. As a child, I climbed trees, and hunted for fairy homes in their roots.


I made leaf and bark rubbings, and watched the squirrels and birds that lived in their branches.  I daydreamed about treehouses – and still do.

2017-02-03 15.42.14.jpg

Ancient trees have a particular draw: the idea that they’ve lived so much longer than any human; witnessed history playing out as they grew. I wonder about the stories they could tell.

2017-02-03 15.42.44.jpg

What do trees mean to you? The Woodland Trust is currently asking people to share their tree stories, in support of creating a tree charter. They explain on their site:

“The charter will be rooted in stories and memories that show us how trees have shaped our society, landscape and lives. We need you to share your story with us, to help us create a charter that reflects the true meaning of our trees and woods to the people of the UK.”

2016-05-01 12.33.01.jpg

Is there a type of tree – or one particular tree – that’s special to you? Or is there any folklore about trees that resonates for you? Trees may not be able to talk but there’s no reason their stories can’t be shared.

2017-01-14 15.30.02.jpg

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