Life Emerges

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Late last winter, I planted bulbs. I am not usually into growing flowers – I’d rather put energy into things I can eat – but there’s something uplifting about spring flowers. It was a real moment of joy when I saw the first narcissus bloom this morning.

2017-03-16 01.44.24

The first grape hyacinth of the year has also pushed its way through the soil.

2017-03-15 15.17.53.jpg

I’ve long loved ‘blue bobble plants’ (as I called them as a child) – and this year, I’ve discovered they are even more beautiful up close.

2017-03-15 15.18.28.jpg

(In case you’re wondering, the yellow in the picture is from deadheading narcissi I bought from the supermarket. I use the old flowers to rot down into the soil, once they’re past their best – though have also been known to use them for pressed flowers. Once flattened, past-their-best blooms can look surprisingly beautiful.)

As the new bulbs turn into flowers, they show the seasons are finally shifting – and it’s time for new life to emerge.




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