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30dayswild_id2_black_jpg_42010.jpgI first discovered #30DaysWild last year. This fantastic initiative from the Wildlife Trusts encourages people to get out in nature every day in June, and take part in ‘Random Acts of Wildness’, sharing their adventures using the #30DaysWild hashtag on social media.

I had a wonderful time taking part last year, and found lots of great nature-lovers to follow on Twitter, who’ve brightened up my timeline ever since. It was fun thinking of things to do – and was a great way to get into a healthy habit too.

If you like the idea of getting out in nature more and need some motivation, #30DaysWild provides great inspiration. Check out their downloads for families, schools, businesses and bloggers, full of ideas to connect with nature. You can also sign up for a great free pack that includes a wall chart, stickers and wildflower seeds, so you can help make wildlife happy (and have lots of fun for free). Get ready to go wild this June.

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  1. I’m looking forward to this years 30 Days. I loved the blogging community last year as I learned so much from others. I look forward to following your 30 Days Wild 🙂

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