3 Ways to Enjoy Nature This Weekend

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With the weekend stretching ahead, now’s a great time to get outdoors. Sure, there are chores that undoubtedly need to be done but taking some time to connect with nature will help your weekend feel longer, and you feel more rested. Research shows that noting three good things in nature every day for as little as a week can have positive benefits. Even if you live somewhere urban, you’ll be surprised by how much there is to connect and engage with.

Go On a Flower Hunt

2016-11-05 00.32.12If you live near to a Wildlife Trusts reserve, a canal, or the countryside in general, the canal banks, fields and hedgerows are bursting into colour – with added rustling and birdsong showing we’re far from the only ones who benefit from nature.

However, even if you live somewhere more urban, you can still find mosses, lichen, flowers and trees – not to mention birds to watch. The cracks in the pavements, mortar on bricks and patches of scrub or park can all be home to resilient plants who prefer city life.

If you have an hour or so to fill, go on a flower hunt: try to find one in every colour of the rainbow and share your pictures on Twitter using the #rainbowblooms hashtag Sunday 11am-6pm; and if you find wildflowers, share them using #wildflowerhour 8-9pm Sunday. I’ve found the latter a great way to accumulate botanical knowledge in a really accessible way (unsurprisingly as it’s run by @BSBIBotany.)

Look Closely

It’s easy to miss the beauty around us. However, get close enough and there’s so much detail to appreciate. It’s amazing what you can see, particularly if you have a camera phone and a steady hand.

I never appreciated how much of an artist nature is until I started looking more closely (honing my observation skills also helped me spot a friend’s lost earring at speed so you’re building transferable skills too).

Look Up

Even the greyest skies can be beautiful. Look up and see how many cloud types you can identify over the weekend.

If you want more ideas for ways to connect with nature, sign up for 30 Days Wild. In addition to a wallchart full of nature inspiration and stickers,  you also get free wildflower seeds with your pack. I had great fun taking part last year, and have felt lasting benefits

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