10 Ways to Enjoy Urban Nature

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It’s easy to think of nature as something that only exists in the countryside. However, there’s just as much to appreciate in more urban environments.

With 30 Days Wild around the corner, here are some ideas for connecting with nature when you live in a town or city.

Find Resilient Plants



The resilience of urban plants never ceases to amaze me. Seeing plants thriving on little more than mortar is magical to me, showing that nature will always find a way. See how many different flowers you can spot.

Look Up

Clouds can be just as beautiful in towns and cities as they are in the countryside. There are 10 main types of cloud to spot, though some are more common than others.

Keeping a cloud diary can help you track the changing seasons, give you screen breaks if you work at a computer (looking into the distance is good for your eyes) – and maybe even work out if it’s going to rain.


Look Closely


Grass, moss and lichen can all hide miniature worlds.  Take photos and zoom in to see the beauty that hides in everyday urban surroundings.


There are lots of other ways to connect with nature in town too. Try one of these, and enjoy going wild wherever you are.

  1. Watch the sunrise (or sunset if you’re more of an owl than a lark).
  2. Make seedbombs with native wildflower seeds and use them on wasteland to brighten up the area and attract bees and butterflies.
  3. Get involved with the Britain in Bloom or It’s Your Neighbourhood schemes run by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  4. Go for a walk and see how many different trees you can identify.
  5. Go for a run in the park instead of going to the gym.
  6. Visit a city farm.
  7. Feed the ducks at your nearest park or canal.
  8. Look for life in pavement cracks.
  9. Find a beautiful leaf.
  10. Stroke a cat.

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