Blooming Lovely

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Following the seasons is one of my favourite things about going on nature walks, particularly as spring eases into summer. Seeing spring flowers emerge, blossom colour the hedgerows and gardens fill with flowers makes me happy.

Each Sunday, I share #rainbowblooms on Twitter between 11am and 6pm (loosely going for one colour of the rainbow each hour).

Although #rainbowblooms started as a way to brighten up Twitter, over time, the scientist in me has become intrigued about whether there are seasonal variations in flower colour. Seeing the different colours emerge over the course of the year is fascinating.

To me, it seems that blue, yellow and white dominate in spring, with the full spectrum emerging in summer; red, purple and orange coming to the fore in autumn; and red and white in the winter. However, that’s just my observation so may be biased.

Join in with #Rainbowblooms each week to share your findings – or just photos. It’s an easy way to add colour to your day (and join in with #wildflowerhour 8-9pm if you get any great wildflower pictures too. It’s a great way to learn about wildflowers, as well as being full of gorgeous flower pictures).

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