Naturally Mindful

There’s been a trend towards mindfulness over the last few years. Being present and getting into a flow state are espoused as healthy ways to control a racing mind, boost creativity, and generally bring benefits into your life.

It’s a fascinating area. I’ll be delving into the science in a future post. But the 15 minute walk I took today to break from work certainly made me feel energised, rested and inspired. I was lost in the moment – or, rather, several moments.

I watched bees.

I watched an insect.

I fed the ducklings (and mum).

I took photographs of flowers.

And then I went home.

You don’t need to spend hours outside to feel the benefit. Even the most urban setting has natural joys hiding, if you look closely enough – or look up.

There’s still time to sign up for 30 Days Wild. Connect with nature every day in June and test its effects for yourself.




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