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Last year, #30DaysWild filled my timeline with joy throughout June. It was wonderful to see so many people’s nature photos, and I missed it when it ended – so I created #Rainbowblooms to help brighten up Sundays.

2017-07-01 06.02.48

The idea is that you share photos every colour of the rainbow, one colour per hour, from 11am-6pm BST every Sunday.


It’s an easy way to #StayWild (the tag that’s being used by people who have also found #30DaysWild too addictive to give up at the end of June, along with #365DaysWild)


It also helps you remember the colours of the rainbow (remember ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’ if you struggle – the acronym ROYGBIV acts as a memory prompt for the colour order).


The more people that take part, the more we can brighten up Twitter together.

2017-06-25 03.34.34

My dream is that so many people take part that by the end of the day, we create a rainbow of flower photos on Twitter if people click on the hashtag. I think it looks really pretty when flowers are grouped together.

2017-07-01 06.02.07

It’s also an interesting way to track the seasons.


Different seasons lend themselves to an abundance of different coloured flowers: and in July, there’s a full rainbow of colours to find with ease.


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