Live the Rainbow at Latitude Festival

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After escaping to utopia last Wednesday, I have finally returned from Latitude Festival feeling as if I’ve spent the last week in a health spa.

My skin is clear and tanned from being outdoors all day, my muscles are aching but stronger after walking much more than usual (The weather kindly conspired to stay dry so I didn’t have to struggle with damp-induced pain).

Most of all, I am energised from the creativity and laughter I have been exposed to – along with some of the most beautiful nature imaginable  (and some bugs that stretch the imagination).


I’ve stared into the red, orange and yellow of the fire.


I’ve admired the green of the stunning Henham Park landscape; and glorious blue skies that only added to the utopian feel.



I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sunrises of my life, with indigo and violet mixing in with a pink I only ever seem to see at Latitude.


Latitude is life in technicolor. It’s a shame to stop living the rainbow.

I’ve already started crafting rainbows in many guises, from glittery litter picked up at Latitude so I can keep the brightness growing…

I’ll post more about Latitude Festival giving details of the wonderful entertainment but the site landscape deserves a review of its own.




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