Review: The Purple Pumpkin Patch

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I’m not that much of a consumerist. Even before I became aware of the ethical implications of fast fashion, it’s never made sense to me to change my wardrobe every few months – aside from to suit the weather. As such, it’s rare that I’ll enthuse about a shop – but the Purple Pumpkin Patch does things differently.


Selling a  mixture of eco-friendly and handmade clothes, accessories and gifts, with a focus on low-cost products, the Purple Pumpkin Patch supports local artists, crafters and other ‘makers’, many with chronic conditions, by providing them with a place to sell their work.

There are home made candles, toiletries and jams.


There are crafts made from old fabric, books and buttons.


Knitting, felting, crochet, sewing, glass work and numerous other crafts are on display in the wares on offer


There are also (largely recycled) crafting supplies to rummage through.


In addition to cute felt toys, pretty jewellery and a rainbow of colourful fripperies, the Purple Pumpkin Patch also has a book-crossing shelf, a ‘freebie box’ with everything from old magazines to crafting oddments, and some bargain vintage patterns.

The owner makes the space available to community groups and is generally supportive of eco-initiatives and local businesses.


In addition to sell pretty things, the Purple Pumpkin Patch runs low-cost crafting lessons, in everything from felting to rug-wreath making.


The owner is an artist herself, making jewellery and beautiful vintage-style beaded crochet hats, among other things. This makes her empathetic with other artists, and open to helping other creatives thrive.

If you’re in Loughborough, visit the Purple Pumpkin Patch. If you ask nicely, you might even get a cup of tea…


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