Autumn Colours

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The bright blues and yellows of summer are darkening into the indigo berries and orange leaves of autumn.


While I am no fan of cold and damp, I’ve always loved autumn.


The joy of spring is obvious: new life and increased light both serve to lift mood.

However, there is a ripe pleasure to autumn, along with rising darkness.

2017-08-29 01.52.16

The smell of woodsmoke and apples, and nostril-nipping cold, make my thoughts turn to comfort food and cashmere, bonfires and hot herb-filled baths.


To me, autumn the most Gothic season, balancing the hedonism of harvest time with a bitter, pain-inducing chill.

I like to change my surroundings with the season. I swap throws, add cushions and blankets, move candles and mirrors, and add seasonal plants and flowers. It makes me feel more in touch with the world around me: something I find particularly useful if I’m stuck indoors.

At the moment, the room is dominated by indigo and deep red, with flashes of plant-green – and living plants along with my seed head bouquets.


Mirrors and rainbow crystals make the most of the dwindling light.


I will be planting bulbs soon, to encourage colour as early in the spring as I can. However, my ever-increasing number of spiderwort plants, herb and salad planters, and dragon trees mean my home always includes green – the colour of life.


Enjoy the changing colours of the seasons – and make the most of the harvest while you can. Autumn is a time to reap what you’ve sown – and hopefully, enjoy a feast.


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