Nature at Work

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Finding time for nature can seem like a challenge when you’ve got a demanding job. Too many people are stuck inside all day and by the time they leave work, all they want to do is collapse in front of the TV.

However, research shows that connecting with nature can relieve stress, increase creativity and improve health. As such, employers should encourage employees to get outside. Here are a few easy ways to add more nature appreciation to your working day.

Get Growing

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Whether it’s a plant pot on your desk, a living salad box in the staff kitchen or a fully fledged garden that staff can tend together, helping something grow can be a satisfying process (and a living business metaphor).

Gardening together can be a great team building exercise – and benefit staff health. Research has shown soil has antidepressant qualities thanks to friendly bacteria – and anyone who’s spend any time gardening knows you can exercise muscles you didn’t know you had when immersed in a digging and cutting back session. A staff garden can feed into  CSR initiatives too, if food is grown and shared with the community.

Savour the Moments

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Taking a break from work is important for staying healthy but too many people spend all day staring at a screen.

Take five minutes to look out a window and admire the sky. It’s good for your eyes and if anyone asks what you’re doing, just say, ‘Thinking’ (unless your boss is a nightmare, in which case sky-watch discreetly).

Take Time to Enjoy the Flowers

Many of us work through lunch but research shows workers are more productive when they take a break. Use the time to get outside and look for flowers. Even the most urban environment will have more to spot than you might realise.

Focussing on flower-finding gives your brain a chance to disconnect from work – making you all the more efficient on your return.

There are lots of other ways to bring nature into your working day. And if you don’t manage to get out by day, you can always admire the sunset on your way home.

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