Squirrel Watching

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If you have a local park, there’s a reasonable chance the squirrels will be tame – and temptable with nuts.


Avoid salted or flavoured nuts as they can be bad for squirrels. However, unsalted peanuts, sunflower seeds or hazelnuts are fine. If you can’t afford to buy them, forage for acorns, or chop windfall apples into squirrel friendly chunks.


Don’t hand feed squirrels – their teeth can break through a nut shell! – but drop the nut once the squirrel is close enough to see it.


If you’re lucky, it will snack on it there and then – giving you the opportunity to take photos…


Squirrel folklore suggests seeing a squirrel is a reminder to let go of baggage and have more fun. Head to your nearest park with a pack of peanuts and you can start having fun without spending a fortune.


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