Escape the City

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When I lived in London, the canals were my favourite place to stay on touch with nature. I’d enjoy walking from Ladbroke Grove to Camden along the canal – and peer at the giraffes on my way way the zoo.

Kensington Roof Gardens were another favourite, with beautiful landscaping to make you forget you were in the middle of London – complete with a stream and flamingos.


Now, London has a new wildlife escape that you can enjoy for free. Walthamstow Wetlands is 15 minutes from central London and spans 211 hectares of reservoirs.

I’ve yet to visit, as it only opened today. However, the website promises Heron Island, which includes 40 active heron nests; Cormorant Island, with over 150 nests; along with kingfishers, raptors, tufted ducks, bats and a lot more wildlife besides.

If you’re tired of London, you may not be tired of life – just in need of a nature fix. Why not explore this weekend?

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