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It can be easy to forget about wildlife when you’re less inclined to go outdoors yourself. However, our support is needed more than ever at this time of year. Here are some ways you can help.

  1. Leave food out. Meat based cat food can help hedgehogs – but avoid mealworms, peanuts and milk as all are bad for hedgehogs. Check this list for other hedgehog safe food.
  2. Check bonfires. Ideally, build bonfires shortly before burning to avoid creating a tempting nest. Check bonfires before lighting to avoid burning wildlife – share these posters to spread the word – and make sure fires are fully extinguished afterwards, of course.
  3. Feed the birds. Carry oats or bird seed to feed the birds. Don’t feed birds bread though as it’s bad for them, and the water (even if they seem happy feasting on bread). Adding different types of bird feeder to your garden will attract a variety of birds too. If you carry nuts and chopped apple, you’ll make any squirrels you meet happy too.
  4. Create habitats: From bat boxes to insect hotels, make wildlife habitats from natural materials to help hedgehogs, bats and more. If you don’t have a garden, site them somewhere wild, away from cats and other predators.
  5. Remember water: If you can, add a bird bath to your garden and keep it topped up. A saucer filled with pebbles and water will help bugs and smaller mammals.
  6. Leave it wild: Don’t cut back hedges and lawns; and leave piles of leaves too. Sometimes, not tending your garden can be the best way to help wildlife.

A little care now can help wildlife thrive this autumn – and becomes increasingly important as the nights get colder.

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