Celebrate Samhain

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While Halloween attracts the most media attention, there’s more to 31st October than sweets and costumes.

For those who celebrate Samhain, it marks a passing of seasons, and a time when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest.


Some choose to focus on remembering the dead, whether setting a place at the table for the departed (and giving them a little of all the food and drink, eating in silence for a ‘Dumb Supper’); creating an ancestors’ altar full of photos and memorials of departed loved ones; or simply sharing memories.

Others take a contemplative look at life, deciding what to shed over the winter months to make room for growth in the spring.

You could go on a nature walk and make an autumn wreath reflecting nature’s beauty.


Apples have also got Samhain customs attached, with folklore saying both apple peel and pips can help predict your future spouse.

However you choose to celebrate, light a candle to help warm the chill night.


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