Frugal Friday: Head to the Woods

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The smell of woodland in the autumn is one of the best aromas around, falling leaves mingling with fallen fruit and woodsmoke. The woods are also full of wildlife and crafting inspiration at this time of year. Enjoy a woodland adventure – here are a few free ideas for fun.

  1. ID a leaf: The Woodland Trust has some great guides to the trees you’re likely to find. Don’t just see this as a children’s activity: many adults may find a refresher handy too…
  2. Make leaf creatures: Use leaves to make butterflies and dragons or whatever other animals the leaf shapes inspire. You can string these together to make leaf bunting too.
  3. Make leaf fireworks: Don’t set fire the the leaves! Instead, use them to create bursting patterns of colour on the forest floor.
  4. Feed the squirrels: Take unsalted nuts and apple chunks to feed the squirrels. Don’t get too close though – remember their teeth can break through a nutshell.
  5. Spread #LoveNotLitter. Pick up any litter you see and craft ‘Love’ from twigs and leaves you find on the ground.
  6. Support the Woodland Trust. There are lots of ways to help save trees and grow woodland with the Woodland Trust. Find out more on their website.


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