Make It Festive: Eco-Friendly Bath Balm Baubles

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As we approach Christmas, it’s easy to get carried away by consumerism and feel sucked into spending money. However, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate without spending a fortune. I’ll be sharing my ideas to help #MakeItFestive on a budget in the run-up to Christmas. Share your ideas on Twitter and Instagram too – I’d love to see what other people are making.

Christmas baubles are often made of plastic and too many people opt for buying new ones when they can’t remember where they put last year’s decorations. Make your own instead. These ones are simple, and have two added bonuses: they make your room smell great and can be used to create a relaxing bath. All you need is some fabric scraps, ribbon, oats, salt and aromatherapy oils. If you have any herbs, you can use these too.

Just put a spoonful or two of oats, salt and herbs in the fabric, sprinkle with aromatherapy oils, and tie with a ribbon so you can hang it on your tree. You can add finely chopped dried satsuma peel, along with a few cloves, to give a festive aroma (and help save your citrus peel from the bin). If you are giving these to children or pregnant women, omit the aromatherapy oils for safety.

You can add a dental floss loop if you want to hang the bath balm baubles ‘invisibly’, and decorate with herbs, fake or dried flowers or any sequins you have around.

To use, just throw the whole bundle in as the bath is running, and gently squeeze to release the oat milk when you’re in the bath. You can also empty the contents into a saucer or small pot and mix with water to use as a face mask.

These are quick and easy to make, can be created in whatever colour scheme you want, and help prevent waste while also decorating your tree. They also make a great stocking filler (with a tag explaining the contents to avoid them getting eaten!). If you make any, share your photos using #MakeItFestive on Twitter and Instagram.

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