Folklore Thursday: Dandelion Love

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The more I learn about dandelions (and similar yellow flowers), the more impressed I am by them. I once saw them as a weed. Then I learned the young leaves are tasty in salad, and pollinators love them.

But it was when I started taking photos that they transformed into something magical. Through the long winter months, they were one of the few flowers to battle on. And now, they are covering the canal bank with flashes of gold.


Dandelions are thought to bring luck if used in a wedding bouquet, and fortell a happy union if you dream about them.

Blowing the seeds from a dandelion can apparently carry thoughts to loved ones (handy if you forget your mobile). You may also find your wish comes true if you focus on it before you blow the seeds away (wish for more dandelions for optimum results).


Dandelions have long been used to treat everything from warts and stomach upsets to purifying the blood. Eating the leaves could certainly be beneficial as they’re packed with vitamins A, B, C and D along with zinc and iron. They can also act as a diuretic. However, to date, science has failed to reliably verify other health claims.

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