30 Days Wild: Change Your Perspective

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Today is the first day of 30 Days Wild 2018 – an initiative from the Wildlife Trusts encouraging people to connect with nature every day in June. I’ve taken part for the last few years and loved it.

You can still sign up to take part here. It doesn’t need to be a commitment to doing anything complex. You can just take a different look at the world.

Today, I took time to look at the lawn outside my house. It’s a communal patch of green, nothing special to look at from a distance, though the daisies and dandelions brighten it up in between visits from the ‘plant killers’ (as I call the people who ‘maintain’ it by chopping the flowers down).


Get closer, and it becomes more vibrant. Tiny yellow, blue and white flowers, smaller than a blade of grass, cover the lawn. The daisies seem huge by comparison, though more beautiful the closer you look.


Insects clamber over moss – today, a woodlouse, antennae twitching. I love the way its ‘armour’ slots together. A tiny moth flew from the grass to the arm of my jacket but flew away before I could take a photograph.


It’s easy to get lost in a lawn once you look closely. Take time to see the tiny worlds all around you.

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