30 Days Wild: Dragons and Damsels

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20180609_175111Though I’ve long loved the canal, I hadn’t seen a dragonfly for years. I didn’t even realise damselflies look similar. I discovered this after spotting lots of glorious banded demoiselle damselflies (I think) flying along the canal, and attempting to ID them. The dramatic dark wings were a clue – and the kind person who managed to identify the species from a blurry shot on Twitter was even more helpful…

I couldn’t get a good picture of the banded demoiselles, so was excited to find another damselfly today, which settled, making it easier to photograph than its darker-winged cousin.

While there are fewer butterflies around than in previous years, from what I’ve seen, there are hundreds of dragonflies and damselflies along the canal this year. I’m hoping this will help me hone my ID skills. How many flying dragon and damsel flies can you spot during #30DaysWild?

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