I Spy in the Autumn

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As the nights come ever earlier and the weather becomes greyer, it can be tempting to drag all the pillows in the house onto the sofa, grab snacks and hibernate until spring.

However, there’s still lots of beauty to be seen outdoors. Windy weather means nature crafting materials galore. And there’s so much more to enjoy. Try spotting these.

Ripples on Water


From raindrops on a puddle to ripples on a canal or river, water can be soothing to watch.

A Squirrel


Taking nuts to a park and feeding squirrels is ace autumn fun. Don’t let them near your fingers though. They may look cute but their teeth can break a nutshell…

An Acorn


While squirrel spotting, look for an acorn. The two are reasonably likely to be close… You can make acorn dolls, make acorn flour if you find loads, or plant it and see a tiny acorn become a mighty oak. One day…


The Clouds


From blue skies to storm clouds, autumn is a great time to look up.


A Dandelion

DhvhJzcW0AAeHGz (1)

Look at a dandelion properly. Chances are, you’ve missed their beauty. They’re lovely even as they turn to clocks. Try drawing one at both stages to appreciate it.

20181009_172148.jpgA Sunset

20181010_191235.jpgAutumn has some glorious sunsets. Take time to enjoy them.

There’s loads more to see too. I’m trying to find all The Lost Words in photographic form. Join in if you want more things to spot outdoors.

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